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PincodeInfo is a precision local search engine based on pincode and a one stop website providing information about the day to day requirements of a common man like schools, hospitals,banks, shops etc near to the given pincode.We are planning to add few more services in coming days.

PincodeInfo ambitiously aims at providing an extremely simple user interface, accurate and relevant results, pincode based proximity search and deliver the requested information at lightning fast speed.

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PinCode Directory

PincodeInfo Pincodes directory listing provides most relevant info for each and every pincode with in india with its specific postal codes and provides maps to reach the location of the pincode/zipcode and also provides address in GPS notation in the form of latitude and longitude. It also provides a map to view it and also provides meta information like district,state of the pincode to help users to easily understand about the pincode.You can find the listing here.

Banks IFSC Code Directory

The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) is basically a unique alphanumeric code, which identifies and relates to a particular branch of a bank for electronic funds transfer, such as RTGS and NEFT. The code of consists of 11 characters that include numbers and alphabets, where the first four alphabetic characters relate to the bank, and the last six numeric characters relate to a branch. Please note that the last six numeric codes can be alphabetic for certain branches. There is the fifth character, which is zero and reserved for use in the future. You can Find the listing of IFSC Codes here.

Post Office Directory

A Post Office (PO) / Dhaka Ghar is a facility in charge of sorting, processing, and delivering mail to recipients. POs are usually regulated and funded by the Government of India (GOI). Post office offers all services like delivery of mails & parcels, money transfer, banking, insurance and retail services. Usually there are 3 different types of Post Offices,listed as Head Post Office(H.O), Sub-Post Office(S.O), and Branch Postoffice (B.O). You can find the listing of Post Offices here.